​​​​​​​ABOUT US

Tuki Vineyard is owned and managed by us, Jo and Mike Perry-Purchas. Using predominantly organic and sustainable practices, we place emphasis on building healthy soil and vines that translate the flavours of this unique terroir into fine wine. Jo completed a diploma in viticulture and we also have great input from local viticulturalists and winemakers.

​​​​​​​We've learned to have an empathy towards working with the environment. We now think in terms of seasons and about recognising and fitting in with the rhythms of nature. This is a lifestyle choice and something we truly believe in.

Where did the name Tuki come from? Tuki is a Maori word for a rhythmic beat or chant. For example, a tuki was used to synchronize the many paddlers of a large waka (traditional canoe). With our vineyard also being located within the Tukituki River valley, the name Tuki is a perfect fit.

To learn a bit more about our journey, please read this Close Up newspaper article from when we got started Click Here. Wines from Tuki Vineyard have gone on to win numerous medals but for a historic perspective, here's an early review in a Sip of the Week feature Click Here