WWOOFing at Tuki Vineyard

At Tuki Vineyard we sometimes offer food and accommodation for volunteers who wish to 'WWOOF'. WWOOFing is about Living and Learning on Organic Farms. WWOOF provides volunteers hands-on educational and cultural experiences, learning about what is involved to grow produce and animals organically while living with local families and joining in the daily farming and family activities.

We provide WWOOF volunteers with accommodation in a separate stand-alone building that has your own private shower and toilet. This is either in a building type that we refer as a 'sleep-out' (a small building with its own bathroom but without a kitchen or lounge/living room, so you would share use of our kitchen and living room in the main house) or if it is available you may stay in our visitor accommodation which is fully self contained (ie. has its own kitchen and lounge/living room).

We provide the food and accommodation. Each WWOOFer normally volunteers about 4 hours of time helping out every day you stay. Things that WWOOFers typically volunteer to do are odd jobs around the property like weeding, painting, firewood, pruning hedges, fruit-picking, mechanical weed-whacker, waterblasting, raking leaves, grubbing thistles, etc.

We don't accept single WWOOF volunteers - we only accept couples for safety and to keep one another company. And we only accept WWOOFers aged 20+ years of age. We prefer to take bookings for a 1 week stay and this may be extended for another week or so if we get on well and depending on how busy things are. We often don't know availability until last minute so it is best to contact us 1 - 4 weeks prior to your desired dates.

Our vineyard is located about 4km from the centre of Havelock North village, so we recommend that WWOOF volunteers have their own vehicle for transport to make it easy to visit local shops and cafes, and to explore the region.

For more detailed information on WWOOFing at Tuki Vineyard, please click here.

If you wish to apply to WWOOF at Tuki Vineyard, please email us at wwoofing@tuki.co.nz or phone 021 740 528.